Your Life, in Weeks

Visualization of data often uncover new insight. It put matters into perspective. We often visualize data, such as GDP growth, marketing spending result, and trends of climate change. But how often we visualize our life? The Wait But Why visualization of our life as a countable week is one of these great visualization that can put the data, and insight, in the clear perspective. It remind us that our time on earth is limited. It remind us that time is precious, and we need to make the best of it. I created this simple page to enable you, to do the same great visualization of your life. To remind you, about your remaining time.

I hope that this website can make you explore your life more. Remember, your time is limited here. Do not waste your life living someone else live! (Steve Jobs, Oscar Wilde)

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My Life, Visualized

X-Axis - Weeks; Y-Axis - Age
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